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 surfalicious instro tunes 

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This is our mission: to make strong, melodic guitar tunes, celebrating the rich tradition of instrumental surf music. We love vintage Fender guitar tones with tons of reverb and tremolo, we adore rimshots on the snare and thundering toms. But on top of that classic sound, we really thrive on a wide variety of influences that enable us to go beyond the Californian roots of the genre. We will explore Arabian folk music, tiki-tunes, space age, chicha, spy, western, or, one day, maybe even psychedelia or dub. In 2018, our debut EP was well received and kicked off a streak of shows at various venues in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. We are currently in the process of releasing the EP Watusi Peak, containing six brand new tracks, all composed and performed by Humanga Danga.


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​“Highly melodic with a lot of exotic touches and melodies, reflecting various world and ethnic influences in their music. [ … ] I really think that every surf music fan will just flip over this!!” Ivan Pongracic (Space Cossacks) “[ ... ] a strong, powerful, modern sound reminiscent of bands such as their self-stated primary influences The Space Cossacks and Langhorns, [ ... ] the lead and rhythm guitarists have a thick sound that really moves these songs in cool and mind-expanding directions.” The Continental Magazine

​“A good modern surf tone with a solid thunk to it and strong attack. These songs are all full of energy and excitement [ … ]. It’s a solid debut that leaves you wanting more.” “Vettige, compromisloze surf [ … ] de enige mogelijke erfgenaam van Morricone, Dick Dale en The Langhorns.” “A very impressive debut from a talented and inventive band that I hope we hear more from real soon.” Pipeline Magazine UK


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